About APS Advisory Group

APS Team

‘At APS Advisory Group we partner with people and businesses at every stage of their journey, enabling them to make well-informed strategic decisions to help them achieve their financial vision.’

– Arj Senthilkumaran, CEO

Our team specialises in combining our passion for and expertise in finance in developing and executing innovative strategies to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. APS Advisory Group represents the coming together of collective, like-minded and passionate “success partners” who all share a core belief in offering successful financial solutions through practical innovation.

Combined with over 20 years of experience, our clients benefit from a powerful mix of financial knowledge, competence, ingenuity and insight. As a result, our team has witnessed the positive impact our services have on all our clients as we continue to nurture long-term relationships.

As an experienced and independent advisory service, APS Advisory Group has an outstanding track record of success across businesses and property finance. We take the time and care to truly understand your circumstance, and it is through this unique and personal approach that we can assist you in achieving the best results.

Meet our CEO, Arj Senthilkumaran

I am a dedicated and trustworthy entrepreneur who understands the persistent drive towards success, and my main role in APS Advisory Group is partnering closely with growing business clients as their reliable financial business partner.

With nearly 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries including investment banking, retail, petroleum and start-ups, I have supported my clients in areas such as business strategy, commercial finance, valuation analysis, mergers and acquisitions, transaction management, evaluation of financial, strategic alternatives and growth strategies.

My logical and diligent approach, together with strong attention to detail, befits the success I have experienced in my career. I am most proud of my high level of professional integrity, which I believe allows me to form genuine relationships with all of my clients.

In an era where financial acumen, data and information are paramount for peak performance, I offer you leading expertise and valuable experience from years of working within the finance industry. My out-of-the-box approach involves looking at the full scope of our clients’ needs and getting directly involved in executing a personalised solution.

Meet our Senior Advisor – Finance, Harshal Shah

With more than 15 years of industry experience, I specialise in property finance, whether it’s for clients buying their first home, second home, investment in residential or commercial property. My in-depth understanding of the big four banks from my time working in the private banking market allows me to achieve better outcomes for my clients throughout their property life cycle.

Meet our Associate, Chay White

With the expectation to complete my postgraduate studies in Commerce at the University of Sydney later this year, I apply my academic training to my professional role as an Associate for APS Advisory Group and offer support to both the team and our clients.

My specialisation in Macroeconomics and International Business allows me to provide our clients with prevalent and up-to-date knowledge of the best practices in the corporate domain. I primarily focus mergers and acquisitions as well as business modelling for the business clients of APS Advisory Group.

I most enjoy employing multidisciplinary business techniques and strategies from my studies to consistently secure the best result for my clients and their businesses.

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