Welcome to the New APS

Welcome to the New APS

APS Advisory Group is excited to announce and unveil its new look and rebrand, affirming its position as a modern financial service, adapting to transforming financial markets, and solidifying its commitment to their clients. The new strapline “Partnering with you on your business success story” encapsulates their fundamental essence and objective.

Since 2017, APS Advisory Group has represented the coming together of a collection of like-minded and passionate “success partners” who all share the core belief of offering successful financial solutions through practical innovation, partnering closely with clients across a wide range of industries to provide comprehensive strategic advice and transaction management to help businesses improve their growth trajectory through financial initiatives.

When it comes to innovative financial advisory services, APS Advisory Group tailor them directly to the needs of your business with a disciplined, methodical and results-driven approach.

APS Advisory Group provides trustworthy solutions in the following areas:

• Mergers and Acquisitions

• Business Divestments

• Commercial Finance and Strategic Reviews

• Management Buy-Outs and Buy-Ins

• Finance Broking

“We strongly believe that fostering a strong and ongoing business partnership with our clients is the most effective way of helping you achieve your financial objectives successfully. We focus on working closely with all levels of management and staff to fully understand your business and vision, current market position and your overall transaction objectives. It’s by truly connecting with your whole organisation that we can provide innovative and strategic guidance to help you make well-informed business decisions for long-term success.”

Arj Senthilkumaran, APS Advisory Group Director, has over 15 years of experience in Investment Banking, Retail, Petroleum, and Start-ups, supporting clients in areas such as business strategy, valuation analysis, transaction management, evaluation of financial and strategic alternatives, and growth strategies. – “In an era where financial acumen, data and information are paramount for peak performance, I offer you leading expertise and valuable experience from years of working within the finance industry.”

APS Advisory Group continues to partner with businesses at every stage of their journey, enabling them to make well-informed strategic decisions that maximise profits and achieve their vision.

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