Business Acquisition Loans

Financing the purchase of an existing business is a long process, in finding the right loan with the most competitive rate from the proposed lenders, and when presenting all necessary documentations to show that you are eligible for the loan. Therefore, business acquisition loans are based on your company’s financial situation and on the way you choose to finance the loan.

There are a wide range of key factors that the lender needs to be taken into consideration when approving business acquisition loans such as previous experience in business management and business ownership, and if you have enough funds to operate the business after the acquisition purchase process.

With over 20 years of experience in dealing with commercial finance, you are in capable hands if you are looking for a mortgage broking team that can offer financial advice with the most strategic results for your purchase. There are multiple ways to finance a business acquisition such as company funds or equity, bank loan, joint venture and more.

We can ensure that your finance strategy, which includes your company’s financial situation and goals, is specific to the business acquisition loan you desire.

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