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APS Advisory Group’s business advisory consists of a team of expert consultants with years of collaborative experience working across businesses of all sizes, from the one-person startup to large scale multinational organisations.

We use our skills, knowledge and understanding in planning and executing business strategies by taking the time to assess and manage your company’s current and projected financial position. We then evaluate the most efficient strategic decisions for short term and long term success. Our duties include the increase of productivity and profitability, improving the marketing strategy, and performing risk analysis.

Our business consulting team assists in preparing a clear strategy and execution plan (including budgets, business plans, business road maps, etc) at all business classification levels: from microbusinesses consisting of 1-4 employees, to large businesses of 200+ employees.

Business advisory services

Business advisory responsibilities include:

  • Analysing financial statements and preparing short term and long term goals.
  • Recommending operational advice to improve business processes.
  • Evaluating business plans, marketing and brand strategies to improve sales performance.
  • Identifying opportunities for future business development and growth.
  • Advice on contract performance of both internal and external stakeholders.

APS Advisory Group’s business advisory sector is divided in two specialised areas:

1. Small Business Consulting

APS Advisory Group’s Small Business Consulting Packages are designed for small businesses that require a complete solution.

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2. Corporate Advisory

APS Advisory Group can partner with you in achieving both organic and inorganic growth, whether it be through extracting more out of your existing business or through the acquiring of another business. We then work with you to ensure that you get the true benefits identified over a period of time.

As an independent and personable financial advisory provider, we partner with our clients directly to undertake a detailed analysis, and assist all stakeholders involved in accurately assessing the opportunities facing their business. When armed with the comprehensive report and accurate data, our clients are then found in an optimal position to make well-informed and accurate business decisions.

Are you looking for a genuine business consultant to help drive you to the next stage of your journey? Contact us to discuss your requirements and objectives so we have an accurate understanding of how we can assist.

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