It’s Time For A Home Loan Health Check

Home Loan Health Check

It’s Time For A Home Loan Health Check

Home Loan Health Check

Doctor! Doctor! Or in our case Broker! Broker! Is it time to review your current home loan? Here are four primary reasons, each equally valuable, why you should be reviewing your home loan:

Lower interest rates and reduced monthly repayments

Use your savings from the lowered monthly repayments to pay off your mortgage sooner and save on the total interest paid. Fixed rates might be moving up, but they are still considerably low.

Finance renovations and home upgrades

17.5% is the average increase in property prices in Sydney alone in 2021 and the year isn’t even over yet! Use the equity from your property to renovate and add further value to your home.

Pay off other debts and loans

Simplify your finances and save money by consolidating your debts such as your personal loan, car loan or credit card, all into one mortgage.

Buy another property

Your property is now worth more than what you paid for it initially. Use the equity in your home to borrow money at a lower cost and deposit those funds towards a new investment property.

There are still lucrative fixed interest rates with cashback offers, and great deals!

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